Custom Machining & Component Manufacturing

For specs, quotes and additional information, please call Mark Nekurak at 1 (780) 542-4677


  • Certified Journeymen Machinists
  • Full machine shop services with wide capability including CNC and manual equipment
  • Manufacture and repair of a broad range of items used in the oil and gas industries, such as pumps, valves and actuators, including:
    • Actuators, adapters and coupling built for any valve
    • Specializing in Gutermuth sulphur valves up to 36” in diameter
  • Custom machining and production run parts with highly accurate, modern equipment operated by skilled personnel
  • Largest inventory of materials in the region
  • In-house Quality Assurance Program with material tracking
  • Turning to 38” diameter and up to 14’ in length
  • CNC milling up to x-axis 69”, y-axis 25”, z-axis 29” with rotary 4th axis
  • Drilling
  • Portable line boring machines:
    • 12’ diameter and up to 6’ in length
    • Custom repairs of wear parts
    • Crank arm boring and sleeving
  • Fully qualified field machinists on 24/7 call-out service