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Hydraulics & Automation

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The Hydraulics & Automation Division employs a talented team of Engineering and Technology professionals who can design, implement, build and service any type of industrial equipment imaginable.  Whether it’s process control, instrumentation, data acquisition, remote monitoring, or off-grid solar power systems – Option Industries has you covered.

Automation systems usually consist of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which is the main brain of the system.  By programming these units to suit the application it becomes possible to electrically read many types of sensors including pressure, temperature, fluid flow, tank levels, pH levels, etc.  The PLC can be interfaced with existing control systems, and can tie into a computer with a cellular modem to allow true remote connectivity and freedom.  Through the use of a HMI (Human Machine Interface) which is typically a touch screen panel, the system can be controlled, monitored, and even modified.  Custom tailored interfaces can be made with company logos, custom colors, or any other type of design required

One of our main focuses is remote connectivity of field equipment.  Using IoT (Internet of Things) technology allows customer process data to be collected, processed, and stored for future review and analysis.  Real-time data transfer is also possible with data being sent to a remote handheld tablet, PC, or any type of smart device with an internet connection.  Remote operation and control is also a possibility along with video surveillance of the work site.  Option also can provide a web based DAS (Data Acquisition System) which will provide a centralized copy of all data collected from a customer and allow for live and historical monitoring and analysis of data collected from any number of connected units.

Some of our achievements include sophisticated control systems for off-road track driven vehicles with electro-hydraulically controlled axles,  automated drilling rigs, as well as automated control of drilling top drives with full sequencing and torque control.  By marrying hydraulics with electronics, it allows for complete, precise control of hydraulic devices including pumps, motors, cylinders, etc.  Our control system designs have also been employed on Pumper Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Portable Light Towers, Portable Pumping Stations and many other applications.

Option’s Automated Hydraulic Test Bench was designed, built, and programmed in-house and is capable of testing complete hydraulic circuits end-to-end and can simulate any type of process required.  We have a 100 HP unit as well as a 400 HP unit which can suit any type of hydraulic testing requirement.  Detailed reports following the testing will be printed and automatically e-mailed to the client including a record of all test parameters as well as the acquired data.